Wet n Hot 2020

Hey, piss piggies! Wet n Hot 2020 tickets are now on sale!

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About Wet n Hot

Evolution of the Wet n Hot Pig Party

More than two decades ago, a couple of outlaw pigs created Water Boys, an organization and a magazine that celebrated piss and pig play.

We were considered so far outside the mainstream that even the edgiest fetish media of the day barely acknowledged our existence. But we knew from the very beginning that encouraging men to live shamelessly and authentically was revolutionary, transformative, and totally fuckin’ hot!

Our early photocopied magazines not only featured fantastic erotic art and filthy stories, but also created a worldwide brotherhood of like-minded guys by way of the largest collection of sexy, piss play hook-up ads anywhere.

One day in early 1997, tired of playing in small, clandestine groups in the few bath houses and sex clubs that would have us, we had a radical idea: create a full-on destination weekend filled with play parties, where everybody could pig out in the open air.

We chose Palm Springs because of its reputation as a great, sexy gay resort destination. We chose to hold the event in July because the warm evenings would allow us to play outside under the stars. Wet n Hot was born. And what began as an intimate gathering of friends has, more than two decades later, become The World’s Biggest Piss Party!

Imagine an entire weekend filled with outdoor piss play, fisting, and virtually every other kind of pig sex in a laid-back, no-attitude environment that’s literally exploding with porn stars, muscle bears, rubber pups and pigs of every age, size, color and nationality. Add in slings, tubs, unlimited beverages, barbecue lunches, cruise parties at the bars and kinky demos and you get a truly saturated weekend!

Whether you’re a seasoned soaker or just wet behind the ears, there’s truly nothing else in the world like Wet n Hot.

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